Friday, September 28, 2007

Entering Blogdom

I'm not exactly sure why i'm doing it, but i'm deciding to enter the blogging world. I've learned so much in the past year from blogs and met such a wide variety of opinions and believe i am the better for it. I guess i hope to know other people through this who share my love of the Catholic Church and are involved in music ministry in the Church, so i can learn and have support from them, as i am about to enter into the joys and suffering it may entail to reform Catholic music. All prayers for me are welcome, for the year seems to be heavy with discernment. i so often want to plan out my life the way i think it should go, and am constantly working with the Lord on that fault of mine. He often helps by putting unexpected events in my life. I'll forever be grateful for discovering my Catholic heritage in the Traditional Latin Mass, or now called the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, and will promote its use everywhere! But i feel that i am possibly being prepared to join in the struggle of the reform of the reform, and all the suffering that would entail as a church musician. I feel i have so much growing to do this year! And i so often fall short of striving for holiness as i ought. If i am to direct music for the church, which is the most integral liturgical ministry, i am supposed to be example of of virtue and striving to embody the Catholic faith. How many prayers i need! May i grow in the virtues of humility, charity, patience, and perseverance to prepare for a life of service to the Church.


the owl of the remove said...

Hi Kim!! Welcome to blogdom! Thanks for your letter - will respnd soon. Keep praying!

Liz said...

Kimberly, I grew up on a dairy farm as well(in Randolph). It's always nice to find that there are 20 something Catholics who take their faith seriously (so many have fallen away at that stage in life). Are you going to school in Vermont or elsewhere? If Vermont are you at UVM? My dd still has some friends at the CC, if you're there. She graduated 3 years ago.

Ave Maria! said...

I go to college in Pennsylvania, actually. I go to Eastern University, which is about a 1/2 hour outside Philly, on the outermost suburbs. It's a protestant school actually.. hmm... that would be an interesting thing to post on. Studyiing music for the Catholic Church at a protestant school. Anyway, thanks for posting! Are you still in Vermont?

LivinginSpiritandTruth said...

Hello! I came over to your blog after seeing your post at Fr. Ben's....

My name is Kate; I'm 20 and also a Vermont Catholic! Yay!

I’ve just recently started working in the Church by trying to get a Young Adult group started in my parish. It's been hard sometimes because I’m so excited to see it get going, and then others are moving more slowly so I’ve been getting a lesson on patience lately!! :-)

Please know that you'll be in my prayers....
God bless,

Fr John Boyle said...


Sounds like your blog is already helping you 'network' to use that awful word. Anything you can do in the music department to bring about a reform of the Ordinary Form will be welcome. The fact that you are young will be an advantage.

I think this sort of 'exchange of goods' from the extraodinary to the ordinary is exactly what Pope Benedict referred to in his motu proprio.

Right now, I've just celebrated the Ordinary Form and am about to celebrate the Extraordinary Form. Will remember you during the Mass.

Welcome to the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Dropped by via Fr John Boyle's blog. Best of luck with this new venture. I will definatly be dropping by again.

Ave Maria! said...

Fr. Boyle,
I'm so excited to hear that you are celebrating the extraordinary form! Had such a lovely day at my own parish today. Blessings to you.


Ave Maria! said...

I'm curious to know where you are in Vermont. and pray that i gain much patience as well before entering into the service of the church! i lack that as well. it is so hard when you are young and enthusiastic.
God Bless

LivinginSpiritandTruth said...

It definitely is!! I printed out this address from Pope John Paul II to the youth of Switzerland and put it on my wall so that I can read it every day:

Oh and I live in the Northeast Kingdom! :-)
God bless,

Roman Sacristan said...

Each blog will develop its own identity. Just starting is a big step. After that it's just finding things that interest you and things you know that you could teach others.
I feel like it has taken me over a year to get some focus as to what I am doing, and even that might only be for a certain amount of time.
Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere. Many blessings.


Reynor said...

It is of much interest your background and what it will bring to us. May God bless you always.

Welcome to the blogosphere!