Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is probably one of the most amazing things I have ever come across. I have never seen or heard such a thing in all my life:

There really is nothing that could accurately describe my reaction.

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Charles said...

Oh, I suspect you're just a bit too young. Alfred Deller opened the door for such in the 50's....Joseph Jennings carried that mantle on into the late 20th with himself and others in Chanticleer...and various "Kings College" offshoots (Cardinals'Musick et al) have been at the counter-tenor thing for decades.
One year in my burg our symphony's productions of MESSIAH featured an all male quartet of soloists, the soprano being from Chanticleer, stunningly beautiful, not to mention that the contralto was light years better than any other (female) soloist I've ever heard.