Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update from Texas

Yes. I know it has been forever since I posted anything. So there is probably only one person still reading this blog, and it is for him that I am posting :)
Here in Fort Worth, I find that I miss having solemn liturgies. I have been rather spoiled the past 3 years having been at a latin mass parish in NJ singing polyphony for feast days and then a year in Chicago at St John Cantius. Now I am in Fort Worth where the only place I can sing choral music and keep my voice up is singing this sacred music in a concert setting with the Denton Bach Society. I had thought I would have better opportunities here, but that has not been the case. It is especially disheartening to not be able to involve myself with music for the latin mass in Fort Worth. I still go to the latin mass sunday evenings, but I won't get into the details about the music for it and the lack of opportunity to get involved. It just frustrates me. Also, the latin mass here is rather low key compared to what I am used to for a Latin high mass.
The only place I've gotten myself involved with for Catholic church music is a little mission parish called San Mateo. It has been a great place though, very small, and the priest is very supportive of doing chant and sings the whole 10am mass himself, in English! It's really the most "solemn" novus ordo in the diocese besides at the college of St. Thomas More.
And since I can't make money doing music down here, I've gotten a job with the Princeton Review, which I enjoy. I just still am not full time, so i do not have salary or benefits yet. I am hoping I will by November. We shall see.
As usual, God is doing all kinds of interesting things regarding my vocational journey. I moved here because of a particular person, who I am no longer with. Things fell out between us, which was rather a shock. I am still healing. At the same time, God had me meet another young man... the whole situation has just been... I don't even know what to say. We all just keep praying and trying to follow God's will.
I also just keep praying for my siblings, especially my sister. I will be going home at Thanksgiving for a visit (Yay!), which I thought was important so I could see my sister and her Fiance in case she DOES fly to Chile in December with him to get married. I also wanted to see my little niece so she doesn't forget who her aunt is. I can't wait to see her! She is absolutely adorable and turns 2 on Nov. 5th.
That's about all I have for now. I need to get to bed for work tomorrow. I am thinking also about closing this blog down. Unless I get a response from people not to, I probably will.


John R said...

No, don't close it.

I feel your pain about the lack of more musical opportunities and/or solemn liturgies. That is the trouble with a lot of newer Latin Mass venues and some older ones stuck in a "Low Mass mentality". That right there is the reason I moved my family to NJ for Mater Ecclesiae. We miss your voice here. Any chance your journey would take you back this way?

John R said...


This is John Rotondi, the guy, with a baby or two, who often sings with Nick in the Schola.