Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is the Church to fall apart in Holland?!

I ran across an extremely disturbing and distressing article on the NLM blog about the state of mass in Holland being led by the Dominican order. They essentially are trying to turn the Catholic church protestant from what i can tell! And they are trying to spread it through the whole country by their recent booklet they are putting out. mind you, this same group already came under scrutiny by the doctrine of the faith earlier. Why hasn't this been stopped by now? To give you an understanding of how distressing a situation this is, go to .
Things like this continue to remind how much i should sacrifice more for the church because it needs saints! It needs more of us really willing to sacrifice for the faith and live it heroically. The article also makes me upset though, because i wonder why such a situation as this has not provoked immediate action by the church, even the bishop or the rest of the Dominican order!!! isn't anyone willing to stand up and condemn this for what it is? Will we just let so many people get led astray while it is all carefully looked into? If the situation is really as bad as it sounds, i would think immediate action should be the reaction!
pray for the church in Holland and pray for us young Catholics that God may form us into heroic saints.

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